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Calendar Computer Science

Title Description Start Date
Meet the Jury: Professor Denis Parra Santander 24 Sep 2019
PhD defense Francisco Gutiérrez Public defense of PhD Francisco Gutiérrez: "Managing Uncertainty in Visual Analytics: Designing Explanation Interfaces for Recommender Systems and Prediction M... 25 Sep 2019
Welcome Lunch: Master Mathematical Engineering According to tradition, the Master of Mathematical Engineering organizes an annual welcome lunch for all students of the programme on the first Wednesday of the... 25 Sep 2019
Info session: Master Computer Science The annual welcome for new Computer Science students! We provide a lunch, accompanied by an information session with the opportunity to ask questions concerning... 26 Sep 2019
PhD defense Jafar Hamin Public defense of PhD Jafar Hamin: "Modular Formal Verification of Total Correctness Properties of Concurrent Imperative Programs" 11 Oct 2019