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Numerical Analysis and Applied Mathematics

The NA&AM unit is part of the Department of Computer Science and consists of three research groups: 

  • Numerical Approximation and Linear Algebra (NALAG)

structured matrix computations, large scale matrix problems, orthogonal rational functions, splines, wavelets

Prof. Marc Van Barel

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  • Scientific Computing (TWR)

numerical simulation, optimization and control, high performance computing, dynamical systems, multiscale methods

Prof. Stefan Vandewalle

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  • Numerical Integration, Nonlinear Equations and Software (NINES)

approximation of multi-dimensional integrals, quasi-Monte Carlo techniques, mathematical software

Prof. Ronald Cools

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Faculty members: Lutgarde Beernaert, Adhemar Bultheel (emeritus), Ludo Buyst (emeritus), Ronald Cools, Paul Dierckx (emeritus), Ann Haegemans (emeritus), Daan Huybrechs, Karl Meerbergen, Wim Michiels, Dirk Nuyens, Robert Piessens (emeritus), Dirk Roose, Giovanni Samaey, Marc Van Barel, Raf Vandebril, Stefan Vandewalle